We will be shooting the 2017 run-forest-run video on Sunday July 30th 2017. A map of the forest is here: http://bit.ly/2017-fowlshatch-map so that you can find us. If the Frillinghurst car park is full the park in the chipping area of the forest. Be careful – it is quite bumpy and unsuitable for sports cars.

Runners Instructions:

  1. Please meet at the bottom of the path into the forest at 08:30 wearing your kit. If you need a run-forest-run T shirt then please use the contact form so that we know how many to bring.
  2. We will do a walking warm up lap of the course at 08:45 come rain or shine or wind or snow.
  3. Each of the obstacles will be shot individually and we will give you instruction at each obstacle.
  4. One lucky runner per obstacle will have the radio microphone to capture your lovely voice.
  5. One lucky runner per obstacle will be GoPro Monkey for the close-up joy of sweat and cheers.
  6. Smiling and giggling is really important. Looking like a pro is not!
  7. We should be done by about 10:30 for tea and coffee and cake.
  8. The footage will be used for promotion of the run-forest-run race and additionally as free test footage for the Hollywood Cinema community for the new IMF movie delivery format. I will be asking everyone to sign a release form to say that you are OK with this.

Film crew instruction

  1. Please meet at the bottom of the path into the forest at 08:15. Bruce will be bringing all the kit unless you have been specifically asked to bring something
  2. We will shoot each obstacle individually and look for some interesting angles to capture the team running between obstacles.
  3. We will shoot in 4K UHD and some of the content will be used by the Cinema community as test footage.
  4. The resulting video will be edited to length to go with the chosen music (probably Mighty from Caravan Palace). Any captured sound will be used for emphasis rather than synchronised accuracy.
  5. GoPro footage should be spliced with the camera footage using any creative techniques that you think are not too cheesy.
  6. The race url run-forest-run.co.uk and the music should be shown during the title and the credits. All the runners and the crew should appear in the credits. Make sure the final frame has the names of the crew and the url mrmxf.com/!crew where there will be a contact form for people to get in touch with you.