Welcome to Fowlshatch Copse website.

Fowlshatch Copse is a privately owned Woodland in the AONB Surrey Hills.  Jane and Bruce Devlin acquire it in 2012 – it is a little bit of  the planted ancient woodland site (PAWS) called Grayswood, which gives the local village its name. It is in dire need of love and attention.

There is a Woodland Plan, approved by the Forestry Commission, that focuses on sustainable woodland management. Harvesting of the conifer cover is a slow process, and timber extracted is used for wood-fuel, round-wood  (or whole-wood) building projects.

We are grateful to everyone who has helped us understand how to manage woods sustainably. So many people to thank: Dave Vickers, a steeley eyed woodsman and trainer; Louise Green, naturalist, identifying wild flowers and bird species; and all our friends and the wonderful woodland enthusiasts so generous with time and energy and advice.

The Silva Foundation and their initiative Good Woods and myForest have been invaluable in keeping us up to date and on the journey towards a future thriving and sustainable Fowlshatch Copse. We attained a Silver star rating in January 2015, and Jane starred in a video promoting MyForest. The Woodland Trust, with advice and guidance, and the Forestry Commission who somehow manages to make us feel part of the national forest estate.

We love the woodland, and invite people to visit when we are there. Logs4Labour is a wood-fuel scheme supported by Chiddgreen, The National Trust at Swan Barn Farm and Transition Haslemere.  Our annual running adventure race Run-forest-Run takes place annually on the third Sunday of November, and relies on volunteers to go smoothly. We host the international dawn chorus day with wild camping and up-before-dawn guests. We have the odd craft day, like bronze smelting, forest school mud monster days, and willow-weaving.

Please contact us if you are interested in meeting to talk about Fowlshatch.



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