Fowlshatch Copse December 2012 Party

Thank you for coming- have a look at the video

Welcome to the Woods – Join us for a Wander in the Woods

Sunday 16 December during daylight

( Toby will be camping on Saturday – by invite – email him for details), then the rest of us will appear from 10:30 and be around until an hour before dusk (3 pm).

How to find us

Head for Grayswood or Chiddingfold and then get onto Prestwick Lane. ¬†Park in the Forestry Commission¬† entrance to Frillinghurst Wood. Return to the road and turn right. After 50m there is a telegraph pole on your left with a blue dot at the bottom. Walk off the road, past the telegraph pole and you’ll find a rough path leading down and to the right into the woods. Follow the blue dots!

Map covering Chiddingfold and Haslemere

The official detailed map

What to Bring

Bring Wellies or sturdy boots (ground is muddy and can be slippy). Bring along your dogs, children, something to sit on, maybe some food to share that you can eat without a plate or fork, maybe something to drink and something to drink out of. Its all a bit basic at the moment!

If you want a bit of firewood/kindling/holly/pine cones/hazel poles – bring gardening gloves, loppers/saw/axe, bags or wheelbarrows to take it away, and if you have a chain saw, you are welcome – we have plenty of fallen trees to be cleared! ( ..and plenty of space to keep the chain-sawing away from everyone else!)

Wet weather plan?

If it is very wet or blowing a howling gale, we will postpone to January – do call us before 10am on 16 December, or check this page for last minute news.


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