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Do you have a woodland? Or just some large trees you want to remove? Might we join forces and generate some wood-fuel?

Information  for Woodland Owners

“It is wonderful to have people working in the woods  enjoying the fresh air and exercise, and bringing woodland back into sustainable management. It also generates plenty of logs for wood-fuel.”

First you need to check that your woods – or trees –  are suitable for the HHH scheme. You may have just a couple of trees that need to be taken down or that have blown down and need tidying up, or a woodland with a Management Plan of several acres. Or a big woodland with felling licences, but you don’t have anyone to work in the woods. Whichever it is, we group each job into a ‘Log offer’.

It is important that woodland activity should not harm biodiversity , ideally it should improve it. Are you aware of listed trees, bats or other species that are likely to be affected?  A woodland of any size should have a Management Plan that you are willing to share.

Activity will be consistent with your plan and agreed in advance. If there is chainsaw work to be done to prepare the site, to make it safe or fell trees, we can arrange for that work to be done at good rates before any volunteers arrive (Sometimes the work is free, depending on the complexity and scale of the work).

Volunteers will be asked to carry out specific tasks,  and only during organised events,  supervised by you and/or a L4L event co-ordinator, usually Jane.

If you simply have a few trees down that need to be worked on to tidy your woods and be made safe, we will need to take a look at the situation before scheduling in an event for volunteers to help you.

Volunteers will be looking for a reasonable number of  rounds that can be split into logs – and please note that big old conifers are usually not very popular!

Access to transport logs out may be an issue – most situations can be resolved, but you will want to plan the routes and times that access is available. L4L has some storage for seasoning in a couple of different locations that may be helpful.

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