L4L New Season 2015-2016 Dates

2017 -2018 Events 

Check the calendar for the following;

Sawmill dates. The Lucas Mill is a portable saw-mill that is manoeuvred into place, and after a set-up process can cut our cords of softwood into timber that looks like it came from a hardware store. Only 3 people at a time for these events – first come….contact us with your cutting list. Prices are less then famous name suppliers, plus you have that ‘local wood from local trees’ glow.

International Dawn Chorus  5-6 May. Obviously, a sringtime event. This will be our 5th such event.  Please contact us – Wild camping in the woods with a pot-luck breakfast and all the wild birds singing their hearts out. One of the wonders of the natural world.

Using an Ax to split logs (safely and efficiently)

Brash clearance days – featuring big bonfires, cakes and conversation.

Woodland craft skills. Learn how to split hazel with a bilhook, or smelt bronze the old-fashioned way. If you want to use the woods to demonstrate your skill or woodland craft, please use the contact form.

Sports and leisure – from archery to wild-camping, mountain bike trails to adventure running, Fowlshatch Copse is a wonderful place to unwind. Run-Forest Run is held on the third  Sunday in November. Check out the video. Then sign up for  18 November 2018 –  oups…link coming soon, but you can join the mailing list here.


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